SSP002 Where Story Is Going

In a fast-paced, ever-changing media environment, it’s important for artists to understand the role of story in our lives and businesses, and how story will shape our future. In this episode, Johnny Sean, and Dave discuss:

  • Sean’s experience watching the new P. T. Anderson movie, and what keeps drawing him back to watch his movies.
  • How the information age has re-trained human attention spans, and what you can do to engage with your audience in the modern era.
  • How brands like Apple use story to help their customers tell their own story, and how that approach builds affinity.
  • Johnny’s experience with writing a sales email that illustrates how putting your audience first during an interaction translates to positive engagement.
  • The connection between knowing your story and knowing your audience in order to create unique and engaging content that converts.
  • Why story has become an integral part of many business, and why “storyteller” may become a specialized job in many more industries than ever before.
  • Storytelling in different mediums and ways even your own storytelling medium might evolve.

Are you wondering what the ever-growing demand for superb storytelling skills means for your future? Check out our latest interview as Johnny and Sean dive deep into that question in “Storytelling Is the Future: How to Build On Your Self-Publishing Success.”
Download the interview from the info box or show notes in YouTube or head over to

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