SSP003 What We Learned Publishing Over 100 Books

After writing millions of words in the trenches of the self-publishing landscape, Johnny, Sean, and Dave have emerged with many lessons learned from publishing more than one hundred titles. In this episode the guys share their biggest takeaways, including:

  • Why there are always exceptions to the rules.
  • Why you need to “know your why.”
  • How to frame your expectations appropriately.
  • Why you can’t copy someone’s tactics wholesale.
  • The difference between long-term thinking and short term thinking.
  • Why you need to hone your craft.
  • Why the lack of momentum and unfulfilled promises are the worst things that can happen.
  • How to add subtext to your fiction in order to craft great interpersonal conflict.
  • How developing your unique writing voice is what will attract your ideal reader.
  • How the market is changing and why it will continue to do so.
  • Why you should appreciate where you are in your journey.
  • Why genre hopping is a LOT of work and costly.
  • How publishing on Amazon is similar to SEO.
  • Why writing a book is not the finish line, it’s the starting gate.
  • Readers don’t care about traditionally published vs. self-published. They want quality.
  • How to balance art and commerce when writing stories.
  • Collaboration is the most important part of the process.
  • Why it’s important that you don’t obsess over stats and sales.

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