SSP006 The Story Your Community Tells About You

What is the story that your community tells about you? Whether the stories you tell are about a ragtag group of space smugglers or about the pathway to financial freedom, your readers, listeners, viewers, and followers are telling their own story about you and sharing that story with others.
In this live recording of the Story Studio Podcast, Johnny, Sean, and Dave invite several members of their community to tell their unique stories about how they connected with Sterling and Stone.
This podcast was recorded live at the Smarter Artist Summit ( The Summit is a yearly meet-up of authors and publishing experts from around the world to spend two days teaching you strategies that will outlast the “what’s working yesterday” tactics everyone else is talking about.
Are you wondering what the ever-growing demand for superb storytelling skills means for your future? Check out our latest interview as Johnny and Sean dive deep into that question in “Storytelling Is the Future: How to Build On Your Self-Publishing Success.”
Download the interview from the info box or show notes in YouTube or head over to

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