SSP008 Story Structure

Whether the story you’re telling is about yourself, a novel you’re writing, or the journey of your business, understanding the way stories work is a sure-fire way to resonating with your audience. If you’ve been struggling to understand story structure and how to apply it to the story you’re attempting to tell, Johnny, Sean, and Dave will teach you:

  • Why story structure is not a formula.
  • The difference between beginning authors and experienced authors approach to structure.
  • The basic form of story structure.
  • The importance of causal relationships in stories.
  • How to tell the difference between plot driving reader interest and characters driving reader interest.
  • How story structure can occur out of order.
  • Why you need an “all is lost” moment.
  • 3-act vs. 4-act structure, and how to use each.
  • How the first and last act should mirror each other.

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