SSP011 How to Know When to Give Up on a Story

If you spend a significant amount of time storytelling, you’ll eventually face a project that you’ll either need to shelve or scrap. There are times when it comes as a great relief, but other times it can be very painful. In this episode, Johnny, Sean, and Dave share their experiences with scrapping projects and teach us:

  • Why you might consider dropping a project.
  • How Dave dealt with a story that he felt was broken, and why he decided to scrap it.
  • How Yesterday’s Gone Season 3 was complicated and broken, and why Dave decided it still needed to be done.
  • Why it’s important to understand your skill level.
  • How one develops the ability to learn when to stop working on a project.
  • Why Sterling and Stone has developed a front-end process to know if a project should be worked on.
  • Why sometimes there are projects that are just too hard or bigger than us.

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