SSP021 Developing a Story Premise

A story’s premise is more than just a “what if” question. It’s the lifeblood of crafting a compelling plot, engaging character development, and an enthralling theme. At Sterling & Stone, Bonnie Johnston is our resident StoryJacket expert, and she’s agreed to do another show with us to help us explain what goes into creating a story premise and why it’s the key to keeping your ideas flowing.

We talk about:

How MCU’s Infinity War and Deadpool used the power of premise to create a cohesive movie.
How premise establishes the relationship between external vs. internal character arcs.
How you know when a premise is done.
Bridging the gap between premise and outline.
Using a collaborative process to hone a story’s premise.
Avoiding vs. subverting story archetypes and tropes.
Starting big and ending small.

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