SSP049 Know Your Genre (Part 1)

We’ve talked before about Genre Therapy and how we use it to help our writers identify the best genre of fiction to write. But we realized that we could do a bit better and help you guys out by sharing what questions authors must come to terms with in order to learn who they are as a writer and what they’re most suited to create. This is more than finding the correct genre. This is about finding your fiction superpowers.
We Talk About:
What is Genre Therapy?
Knowing what you’re good at.
Our strengths and weaknesses.
Controlling the “narrative camera.”
Identifying what you like.
What do you enjoy writing?
What reviews say about your writing.
What is my voice?
What is your preferred mood or atmosphere?
What story types and tropes we return to over and over.
How do you feel when writing your story?

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