SSP057 Rebuilding StoryShop

A few years ago, we had the vision to build a tool that would become the ultimate collaborative storytelling workspace. We created a kickstarter that got fully funded, partnered with a fantastic engineer, and built what we now refer to as StoryShop 1.0.
But we doomed StoryShop 1.0 from the start. While it accomplished 90% of what we intended for the software, when we expanded to include the drafting process, we realized that without some major improvements, it would never live up to the vision we dreamed it could be—the vision we knew it could be.
At the same time, we became increasingly aware that if we were to succeed as a company, we had to double down on our “one thing”—our core competency: storytelling. Engineering software didn’t fit into that bucket. And as fate would have it, at the 2018 Smarter Artist Summit, a new team who offered to help we take StoryShop to the next level approached us.
StoryShop 2.0 released a few weeks ago (check it out here:, and though it’s not yet the software it needs to be, they have rebuilt the back end to support our true vision.
Now that the foundation of StoryShop is in the wild, we needed to discuss what needs to change in the software before meet with the software team later this week. In alignment with how the Story Studio Podcast is evolving, we wanted to open the door our brainstorming session.

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