SSP058 Teaching an Old Dave New Tricks

As we prepare our novels for new storytelling mediums, it has forced us to revisit stories that are years old. And if you’ve ever gone back to read your older books, you know what this experience is like: a cringe-fest.
What’s interesting is that when Sean began the adaptation process for one of our earlier successful stories, Yesterday’s Gone, he discovered something very interesting the differences between his and Dave’s approach to the creative process.
Even after several years of collaboration, we are still learning new things about our collaborative process, and in today’s Story Studio, we want to share how identifying this difference might improve our process going forward.
We Talk About:
10 Percent Happier.
The merits of always including a pee scene.
Two different approaches to mystery boxes.
Getting comfortable with not knowing it all.
The difference between thinking in scenes and thinking in events.
Why breaking bad creative habits is healthy.

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