SSP060 Sean Goes to Prison

The creative mind is mysterious. As storytellers, we build entire worlds and shape unforgettable characters. But when asked where we get our ideas, it’s often difficult to pin down one exact influence. But one thing is certain: the inspiration for our work comes from the experiences we expose ourselves to. We’ve been putting in an effort to gain more creative fuel, and in today’s episode, we talk about what Sean learned when he took a trip to interact with a group on prison inmates.
We Talk About:
Last WSE coming at some point when Dave is ready to explode.
The live show revival on 4/26
The difference between a pilot vs. an episode 1.
Why TV studios have a problem with the White Space pilot episode.
Screen Rant Pitch Meetings (–PgETgAz5FGoatB9KQzbnpv0bgZqU2l)
Reliable Ralph’s story.
Why Sean’s not known for his biggest mistake.

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