SSP063 Writing As Therapy

We tell stories as our full-time job, and while we have a responsibility to the company and our family to produce words that sell, there are reasons for us to step away from writing for our readers to make room for writing that is just meant for our personal development.
Sean has a complicated relationship with his father, and it has caused a rift in his family for decades. He and his wife have only fought about one thing in their marriage and it’s his parents. Back then, Sean wasn’t prepared to be the man he is now. But one 25,000 word piece of story therapy changed all of that.
In today’s episode, we talk about how Sean used his power of story for self-exploration and cathartic release and how you can do the same.
We Talk About:
How Sean’s therapeutic writing has already paid off.
The Yabba-Dabba-Doo story.
Sean’s role as “the peacemaker.”
The importance of finishing the therapy.
How Dave uses his fiction as a cathartic experience.
Self-exploration and its creative benefits.
Dave’s switch to a growth mindset.

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