SSP067 Rebuilding StoryShop pt. 2 with David Brown

In SSP057, we talked about rebuilding StoryShop and why it became a necessary step in order for it to become the app we envision. StoryShop is continuing to iterate forward with bi-weekly updates now that we have the core of the rebuild available in beta form. We met David Brown—StoryShop’s lead developer—last year, and it was serendipitous how our visions were aligned with what we believed StoryShop could be. Today, David joined us to talk about StoryShop’s direction, what you can expect to see from it in the coming weeks, and how you can make the most of the tool.
We Talk About:
Dave is digging Hanna from Amazon Prime (
Sean is digging ScreenPrizm’s The Take YouTube Channel
What surprised David Brown the most about taking over StoryShop.
How StoryShop is future-proofing itself for future tools.
The bigger “why” behind building StoryShop.
StoryShop’s unique value proposition.
StoryShop University (
For those who have lost faith in StoryShop.
When StoryShop is leaving “beta.”
The “Worldcard Wizard.”
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