SSP069 2019 Q2 Story Studio Check-in

It’s been six months since our last big check in with the state of affairs at our Story Studio. Since last October, we’ve hit publish again and again, ramping up the next big phase in the Sterling and Stone history. It’s safe to say that we’ve officially transitioned into a story-first company, and today is our first official progress report.
We Talk About:
Dave tried to watch Avengers: Infinity War with his son (
Dave might like The Perfection (
Johnny is watching The Crown (
Sean is re-watching Master of None (
Dave’s daily check-in with Sean.
Dave hitting his deadlines.
Dave exercising regularly and actually talking to his neighbors.
S&S increasing production.
The Studio’s desire to untangle a Dave problem.
Sean nailing dictation.
Writing in StoryShop.
The ending of Sean’s story with his dad.
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