SSP070 Listening to Your Instincts with Vered Ehsani

Vered Ehsani radiates passion and energy. From the time we met her, we knew she was special. She traveled from Nairobi, Kenya to our events multiple times to learn how to get better, and each time she returned, she’d accomplished her objectives and was ready for more. Today, we wanted to have her on the show to talk about her transition into an author career and how listening to your instincts can guide you to a harmonious existence.
We Talk About:
Vered’s origin story.
How saying “no” is saying “yes.”
Discovering what energizes you.
Strengthening your instincts.
The rules and limitations on Vered’s creative endeavors.
An important creative lesson from Vered’s father-in-law’s funeral.
Practical habit building.
What Vered would do if she could start again.
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