SSP077 The Stone Tablets and a Return to Non-Fiction

We owe a lot of our growth to our community (that’s you!), and we’re eternally grateful for your support and enthusiasm. In return, we spent several years building The Smarter Artist brand, hoping that giving back as much as possible would strengthen the community as a whole. But we soon found that the way we were giving back was not only unsustainable but it was beginning to take away from our ability to share our experiences unpolluted by our non-fiction audience.
So we hit the reset button. At first, it was an indefinite reset. We didn’t know if we were ever going to write non-fiction again. But we’ve finally found a way to approach non-fiction in a way that works for us. In today’s episode, we talk about the first few titles we’ve released and how we’re hoping our unique author guides will bring something new to the table for our fellow storytellers.
We Talk About:
Johnny and his family went to see Toy Story 4 and enjoyed it.
Sean is enjoying Nathan for You.
Our roots in non-fiction.
How non-fiction fits into our creative pursuits.
Why Dave has resisted writing non-fiction for authors.
What drives Sean to write non-fiction.
What sold Johnny on the Stone Table line of non-fiction.
The forthcoming Stone Table Tablets.

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