SSP080 Joel F*cks the Details

Joel was one of the first authors that Sterling and Stone brought into the fold after we decided to open up the studio to other authors outside of our trio, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Joel is a fantastic author and has recently written a short book for writers called Fuck the Details. We brought him on the show to talk about how his book can help you tell better stories.
We Talk About:
Joel found Edgar Winter’s White Trash vinyl record.
Dave avoided Hurricane Dorian.
Johnny is listening to the audiobook Everything is Fucked by Mark Manson.
Sean is reading and enjoying The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen.
Joel has book is coming out. It’s called Fuck The Details (
Why Joel wrote the book.
How voice matters in retaining the reader’s attention.
Detail as character.
Johnny seeing too many details in his own work.
Joel’s idea generation process.
Joel recorded the FTD audiobook.
Joel’s experience in the S&S story studio.

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