SSP084 The Author Hustle with Shaunta Grimes

We’ve been around the indie publishing block a time or two and we’re not going to sugarcoat it. It’s hard. You’ll probably want to quit, and you might not see a real financial return for a few years, especially if you’re approaching publishing using the 20th-century model. You need a new blueprint, a new hustle. 

But don’t take it from us. 

Today, we invited Shaunta Grimes on the show. She’s a ninja at the author’s hustle with experience in both the traditional and indie publishing world and helps other authors through their journey from idea to completed novel.

We Talk About:

Shaunta’s origin story.

Using as a jumping-off point.

What to blog about as a new fiction author.

Using Medium to jumpstart your career.

What fiction authors can blog about.

Ninja Writers:

There is a storyteller in you. And it’s time you started listening. My name is Ninie Hammon and I’m 72 years old. I started writing my first book when I was 58. Too late? Nonsense. It’s time to stop thinking about who you were before and consider who you can be right now. It’s time to become a storyteller:

In 15-Minute Dictation, Platt and Silver show you how to adjust your approach to dictation to leave behind frustrating starts and stops and finally be able to produce more books in less time:

This is a book about how Dave understands darkness, its place in story, and how I make dark fiction that people enjoy reading. And, at its heart, this book isn’t just about the dark, but also the light. And in our darkest times, it’s more important than ever that we hold onto the light. But first, we must be willing to explore the darkness:

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