SSP087 Idea Generation with Neeve

Ideas are spooky. Where do they even come from? And what happens if they disappear forever? These questions have plagued creatives for years and has created a culture of self-limitation among authors. Today, we have Neeve on the show to talk about her new Stone Tablet, Endless Ideas, and how you can overcome creative block and become an idea machine.

We Talk About:

Neeve and her new book with Sean, Endless Ideas ( 

Sean’s wife, Cindy, doing her first 10+ second handstand.

Johnny and Sean’s research trip to a legal cannabis farm.

Neeve listening to a podcast called Spooked (

Dave’s satisfaction with Mr. Robot’s new season.

Why processing is the magic of ideation.

Why Neeve starts with “no.”

A Tale of Two Authors and the spectrum of idea execution ( 

Conquering writer’s block.

An example of Dave reshaping an idea.

Neeve’s idea grading system.

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