SSP088 Steal This with Bonnie and Joel

Out of the madness of our story studio emerged an idea that we think those of you who take part in NaNoWriMo will appreciate: a universal outline we’re calling the Steal This project. Already several of the authors in our studio are tackling the story with their own unique spin, and today we wanted to bring on the architect of the outline and an author executing the idea, Bonnie and Joel, to share with you how we approached creating a universally applicable outline and how you can use this idea in your own creative process.

We Talk About:

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The Aristocrats Joke.

The purpose of the Steal This project.

How Bonnie approached the outline.

How Joel fleshed out the outline.

Other writers attempting the outline.

Finding the spark that ignites excitement in the writer.

How Joel honed his idea superpower.

Applying this idea to your writing right now.

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