SSP090 Savannah Bananas

Because of the Great Amazon Algorithm War, we often have to self-sensor ourselves, and not talk about the fiction projects we’re developing publically. It’s not because we’re precious with our ideas, but because it has a track record of tanking our conversion rates. But today we talk about something exciting in real-time with no risk of hurting our bottom line. Excited? We are too. Let’s talk about the Savannah Bananas.

We Talk About:

Sean is excited about their recent trip to LA.

Dave made an amazing headshot in Fortnight.

Johnny tells the story about how they met Jono.

What Savannah Bananas is.

Our experience with Imagine Entertainment.

Working on the pitch and script.

How the show becomes a leverage point for S&S.

Staying the course of a story-first studio.

Why we’re taking a backseat with Savannah Bananas.

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