SSP095 Sterling and Stone 2019 Year-in-Review

It’s our final podcast of 2019, and we’re feeling a lot of gratitude as we wrap up the year to spend time with our families. This year has been a whirlwind, and our story studio has experienced many trials and triumphs. Today, we wanted to talk about a few of them with you as we look forward to 2020.

We Talk About:

How Sean thinks Merry Happy Whatever is proof here’s an audience for everything ( 

Dave loved the season finale of Mr. Robot and is excited for The Witcher ( 

Johnny’s lesson in confidence.

Sean’s record year in writing.

How 2019 was Sterling & Stone’s “Year of Long-term Decisions.”

The steepening of the Self-Publishing success curve.

The Stone Tablet Series.

The 2019 Avalanche.

In 2020:

Johnny is looking forward to high-octane production.

Dave is looking forward to his new super-secret project.

Sean is looking forward to the success of the other authors in the studio.

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