SSP097 Writing For Television with Jono Matt

Jono Matt is a writer in LA and the scrappiest MF Johnny has ever met. Recently, Jessie Cole came on the show to talk about Savana Bananas, the sitcom that Sean and Johnny are involved with. Jono is the co-writer and showrunner for Savana Bananas.

Want to hear the origin story of Savana Bananas and how Jono, Sean, and Johnny first met?

Find out how Jono not only got himself an invite to the Golden Globes but got a plus one ticket too!

Hear about Jono’s experience in the Imagine Impact project, a content accelerator incubator and development pipeline project started by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer and how it has affected the Savana Bananas project.

Learn how writers find the emotional way into a commercial idea that connects deeply with readers and viewers in a way that keeps them coming back for more. Jono has some pretty good guides and examples like the Lego Movie.

Get the update from Jono on what’s next for Savana Bananas.

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