SSP098 The Guys Try: Productivity Techniques

What productivity systems and techniques work best for creatives and specifically writers? The Story Studio Podcast wanted to find out.

On today’s episode Dave, Sean, and Johnny try out three different productivity techniques and report back with their results. Sort of…

It was suggested that all three of the guys Kon Mari their offices and desktops, but Dave, who claims that The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is the only book he ever returned to the Amazon Store, flatly refused. So, as much as we all wanted to find out exactly what in the world “sparks joy” for Dave, we may never know.

The techniques the guys picked from were:

  • David Allen’s Getting Things Done
  • Promodoro
  • Don’t Break The Chain
  • Zen to Done.

All three of the guys said that they were at least familiar with all of these techniques and several they have all tried before. Listen in to find out who picked which technique and what they took away from the experiment.

Resources and links:

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