SSP099 The Guys Discuss: Serial Fiction

Dave always loved Green Mile by Stephen King and really wanted to do something serial-based.

In 2008 Available Darkness was the first thing Dave and Sean serialized on their website. But getting traffic to the website to read it was a struggle.

In 2011 Sean and Dave realized that Kindle could be perfect for serials. They could publish directly to readers, new episodes updated quickly, and could be delivered directly to reader’s devices. Readers could get hooked, love it, and have immediate access to the next episode as soon as it was ready.

Using the language of episodes and seasons, the way TV shows do, to communicate with readers, they tried their next serial experiment with Yesterday’s Gone. Many people told them it was a terrible idea, but they did it anyway and fans responded.

Find out what’s worked and what hasn’t for the guys writing serial fiction. And what kind of series and serials they are working on now.

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