SSP100 The Guys Discuss: What We’ve Stopped Doing

Episode 100! A milestone indeed. The guys have hit it several times on past podcasts like The Self-Publishing Podcast and others and joke that they often end up changing the name and starting a new podcast sometime after episode 100. But this time they have no intention of doing that.

The last two years at Sterling and Stone have seen them usher in some big changes. Along with doing lots of exciting new things, they have also stopped doing a number of things they used to do.

Slow down to go faster

It used to be all about speed. While they are still fans of writing fast to outrun the inner critic and increase output, they have slowed down production so they can bank books, pulling together larger collections of related works, so they can better position and publish them to greatest effect.

They’ve also stopped playing a lot of things by ear, running so fast they sometimes tripped over themselves in an effort to keep the flywheel of constant releases going. All book lines are being more strategically mapped out now in exciting new ways.

Running ads

For the moment Sterling & Stone has completely stopped running ads while they focus on reworking the back catalog, creating webs between authors and lines, and get releases better lined-up so when they start again, the ads will have a bigger bang for each advertising buck.

Writing for TV

At long last, the guys are able to talk freely about some of the super-secret projects and negotiations that have been going on behind closed doors. Listen in to find out which book line is having a pilot made!

Sterling & Stone has also started working with outside authors to build promotional engines that will shine light on the books of all authors involved. If you’re an author who has been following along for a while and wants to learn more about the Story Stacks project the guys are doing with Bookfunnel, click here to apply to be part of future promotions.

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