SSP102 The Guys Watch Being John Malkovich (SPOILERS!)

In today’s episode, the guys talk about watching Being John Malkovich.

Spoiler Alert: Be warned, if you haven’t seen it yet, this episode may very well spoil it for you.

Dave hates this movie. He hates everything about it but most of all, he hates how much everyone else seems to love it. Especially Sean. Johnny’s somewhere in between.

Hear Dave rant, Sean gush, and Johnny calmly discuss. Then, in an exciting and pivotal moment of the show, you can witness the magic of Bonnie winning Dave over to concede a point.

Beyond personal likes and dislikes, the guys dive into dissecting (with the help of Bonnie) just what it is about this movie that made it so innovative and attention-grabbing back when it first came out and what about the storytelling still holds up all these years later.

Want to ask the guys your biggest burning storytelling question? Or suggest a movie for them to watch and tear into tiny shreds? Send your suggestions to [email protected].

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