SSP103 The Guys Answer: Anthologies and Serials

On today’s episode, the guys answer listener questions about anthologies and serials.

Anthologies are collections of works (stories, poems, or episodes) that each stand on their own but may sometimes share a theme, topic, or subject matter. They usually do not share characters or story arcs, though they may, depending on how coordinated the collection is. Serials, on the other hand, are a group of stories or episodes that might, sometimes, be able to stand on their own but are also part of a larger story arc and share characters and other elements that continue from one episode to the next.

The guys discuss the commercial value and drawbacks of both anthologies and serials, using examples of a few of their favorites in each category, as well as future projects they are working on in the story studio.

Another way the guys are helping other authors rather than doing traditional anthologies is The Story Stacks genre-specific promotions for authors. If you are an author interested in participating, click here to learn more and apply.

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