SSP104 The Guys Talk: Writing and Marketing with Jeff Haskell

In today’s episode, the guys talk with Jeff Haskell, an author they met at S3, the Story Shop Summit in Austin, Tx. Jeff writes Superhero science fiction, a little bit of nonfiction and is branching out right now into military sci-fi as Jeffrey H Haskell.

He’s been writing his whole life and publishing for the past 3.5 years. In July of 2016, he was accepted into the Kindle Scout program, published for that in September of 2016, and has been publishing his own stuff ever since.

Jeff and the guys talk about the temperature of indie publishing at the moment, what’s going on now that wasn’t there 5-10 years ago.

  • What’s working now and how to stay positive in the current environment?
  • What strategies have gotten diluted over time?
  • How well do different kinds of ads work now and why?
  • Why do indies hate to talk about craft?

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