SSP107 The Guys Discuss: Battling Resistance

In The War of Art, Steven Pressfield personifies Resistance as an almost corporeal being of sorts, something that must be faced, battled, and defeated and a daily basis in order to do the real work you were meant to do.

As usual, Sean, Johnny, and Dave all see resistance as slightly different creatures that show up in their lives in similar, but distinct ways. And they each have different ways of dealing with it that fit their personalities and work style.

Sean sees Resistance as a virus that mutates and is a little different each time he gets infected. Dave views resistance with the same kind of hatred that he reserves for things he doesn’t know and that drives the deep internal feeling of suckage. Johnny struggles most with projects that get difficult and start eating his face.

Listen in to find out how they battle and defeat resistance, each in their own particular way.

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