SSP116 The Guys Watch: The Godfather

In today’s episode of The Story Studio Podcast Sean and Johnny rewatched The Godfather and Dave watched it for the first time and asked some great questions of each other.

  • How does a movie live up to the legacy of being one of the best movies ever?
  • How do all of the cliches and moments endlessly referenced in other films fall when finally seeing the original source material for the first time?
  • What makes this movie such a classic? And how does it compare to so many of the movies and shows that it inspired which came afterward?
  • Sopranos vs The Godfather.
  • Goodfellas vs The Godfather.

Most of all, you’ll want to tune in to today’s episode to find out what Dave hates about The Godfather and what authors can take from classic films like The Godfather and apply to their own work.

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