SSP117 Making a Living Writing with Rachael Herron

Being a writer requires doing the seriously hard work of writing. But making a living writing requires more. In today’s episode, Rachael Herron talks about all the different income streams she has created to make a living as a writer.

Rachael is happily hybrid, being both traditionally and self-published. The traditional publishing is purely for prestige because it makes little money, and she self-publishes for income. She has just finished her 27th book. In 2006 she did NaNoWriMo to complete her first book and has been on a roll ever since.

Rachael worked for 911 after getting her MFA and tells the guys the story of her favorite/hardest-to-believe call. Which made Dave’s eyes light up and everyone laugh in amused horror. She wrote while working in emergency services for 10 years.

4 and half years ago Rachael made the leap to writing full time, and for the last 3 years, she has broken 6 figures in her writing business, including last year when she netted over 6 figures. Rachael is a serious hustler with many different revenue streams.

Listen in to learn more about the multiple revenue streams she uses in her business and how she finds ways to get paid for doing things she wanted to do anyway. And click here to learn more about Rachael’s methods for making revisions fun:

And you can find Rachael’s Patreon account right here:

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