SSP118 The Guys Discuss: Collaboration with J. Thorn

In today’s episode, Dave reveals his plans for any physical fights he may or may not have in the future and how he will make sure that whoever he battles is not just wounded enough to get up and come after him or his loved ones again, but will definitely be down for good. And the guys talk with J. Thorn about collaboration, their own with each other as well as J. Thorn’s collaborations with numerous authors.

J. Thorn has been up to a lot since the last time he was on a podcast with the guys. He now does multiple podcasts including The Career Author podcast, the Writer’s Well with Rachael Herron who was a guest on the podcast last week, and Writer’s Inc with J.D. Barker.

 A few of the points they touched on is how to find collaborators, red flags to look for early on to make sure you are on the same page with your collaborators, and how to find the commonalities and touchstones that make collaborations really work well.

Listen in to hear the rest.

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