SSP119 The Guys Discuss: How To Watch and Read Like A Writer

In today’s episode, Johnny and Dave switch roles. Dave is excitedly working on his new project in the Yesterday’s Gone universe, and Johnny wishes an asteroid would hit the earth and just end it all for everyone.

When the guys share their “something cool” for the week, Johnny even goes so far as to say that there is nothing cool in the world anymore. And when Sean suggests Johnny needs his own episode of Worst Show Ever to vent on, Johnny says you can’t even make fun of what’s happening in the world right now, so what’s the points?

So, if you’ve been waiting for Johnny and Dave to suddenly bodyswap (or brainswap?), today’s episode is here for you!

The guys also discuss the difference between consuming content purely as a consumer for enjoyment, entertainment, and distraction, and consuming with a critical eye and purpose as a writer, looking for things to learn from. Each of the guys weighs in on what it is they look for (or can’t keep themselves from seeing) now that they watch and read like writers.

Because the guys were talking about movies, TV shows, and books that they watch and read, they mentioned a few too many to list and link to. But here are a few:

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