SSP124 Making a Living as an Artist with Eileen

In today’s episode of The Story Studio Podcast, the guys talk with Eileen Rose who is a member of the Sterling and Stone Story Studio. Before Eileen joined the Story Studio, she already had a successful career as a singer-songwriter and live performer. She has toured the world with well-known bands and has had a number of her own songs in the US charts. She has fully supported herself and her lifestyle through art, which is no small feat in itself.

During the past couple of years, she has started pursuing a new goal of writing novels. Eileen discusses the balance between pure art and commercialism, the difference between buying in and selling out, playing the long game, and how to stay starry-eyed and true to yourself in the midst of hyenas. She also talks about how it feels to basically start over in a new field and what she has learned while writing with the Story Studio gang.

If you want to check out Eileen’s music, you learn more about her at

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