SSP125 Evolving Writing Process with Ninie

Ninie Hammon wrote in the newspaper world for 25 years before she started writing novels. When she started writing novels, 12-13 years ago, she never thought about the process. She just started and wrote until she finished. Then she revised and revised and revised. She wrote stand-alone books and did all she knew to sell them. She would give them away with promotions like Bookbub, and then sell books for a while until the sales slowed. She grew a following who loved her and all of her books got great reviews. But then they would stop selling after awhile.

Ninie first joined Sterling and Stone as part of the Clocking Out group. She learned to write fast, or rather faster because she was already writing fast. She also did genre therapy and realized she needed to think more about what genre she was writing in. During the Clocking Out course, she wrote rough drafts for 3 novels in 3 months. Then she joined the Sterling and Stone Story Studio and wrote 4 more novels in 4 months. But then Ninie needed to edit close to 800,000 words to get all those novels to publication. And that was when she realized she needed to streamline her whole process. Listen in to find out more about how Ninie has evolved her process and what she is working on now.

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