Video Game Writing and Writing While Keeping Your Day Job with Justin Sloan (Self Publishing Podcast #163)

Video Game Writing and Writing While Keeping Your Day Job with Justin Sloan (Self Publishing Podcast #163)

Justin Sloan joins us to talk about video game writing and writing while keeping your day job. He a novelist, game writer for telltale games, and screenwriter. This episode is full of information on the differences in structure between novels and games, how he started and what is required to think outside the box when considering a career as a professional writer. Some of the things covered:

  • Justin’s writing process
  • Educational opportunities
  • What the collaborative process is like when writing for games
  • and how to break into the industry while you still have a day job

Make sure you listen to the very end for a Sloan hilarious… disorganized giveaway. And here is his latest book:
Military Veterans in Creative Careers - Justin Sloan

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10 Replies to “Video Game Writing and Writing While Keeping Your Day Job with Justin Sloan (Self Publishing Podcast #163)”

    • Maya

      The episodes have been recording at various times due to summer schedules and preparing for SPP 2.0. When everything settles we should have consistent scheduling again.

  1. joemmjr

    So, is the blog pretty much dead these days except for SPP episodes? Is everything okay or did Dave have a meltdown, Shawn found four new ways for world domination, Johnny’s abs got soft, Amy ran off, and Garrett had enough of the abuse and decided to go into auteur indie black and white films? Comfort me Maya, I’m worried.

    • Maya

      No need to worry. We’re just busy behind the scenes preparing the new website and prepping for the launch of several new shows that will leave you ecstatic.

      • Anita

        Maybe teasing with a few more specifics about what’s coming would be better than letting everyone think the blog/site is dead?
        Earlier there were posts all the time, and now it’s just a wasteland. You have to consider how it looks to a new person who’s just found the site by accident/luck. They stumble upon an old post, and then goes to check out what’s happening now. And nothing is happening now, other than the podcast.
        Will there be no more blog posts? What will the new podcasts be about? How will it work? What can we expect? What will the future hold for S&S?
        No matter what the plans are, I think it would be much better to tease it with some sort of info, rather than this weird fade into black thing that is going on right now. Even the social media accounts have been abandoned (again).
        Let people know what’s going on. Both your current tribe, but certainly for new people who just found you. If all there is to be found here on the site is podcasts, then they’ll never have to check back, they can just subscribe on YouTube or iTunes. Or – that’s the message you’re sending.
        Just my $0.02 =)

  2. Sean Platt

    Hey Anita,
    You’re totally right, BUT it’s not that simple. We SHOULD already be live with a brand new site, so there never should have been the wasteland that you’re seeing now. We have been waiting for something simple like a site migration for over a month now. We keep being told it’s “right around the corner,” but then it isn’t. And that makes it extremely difficult to plan.
    You’re right, we should have a blog post up that explains what’s going on so people aren’t left wondering, but there is SO MUCH HAPPENING in the background right now that that will absolutely come at the expense of something else. Each day we’re spent wondering what needs to give.
    Last week Johnny and I had an unexpected trip that we had to take. It was really awesome for our community, and a great long term thing to do, but it set us behind three days, which is an eternity because we have to make up those hours somehow.
    We’ve been finishing up The Beam S3 and YGS6, which are our two hardest properties, all while trying to record content for our new podcast network (OMG YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE IT) and pre-record enough SPPs so that I can take a vacation — my first in four years. Seriously, I worked every day last year except for Christmas. And we need to move on the podcast content because we’re paying an audio producer to sit and wait.
    Blah blah blah plus 2+ hours of email EVERY DAY.
    Basically, we’re doing our best. We are absolutely committed to the community and building the site to make it easier/better for everyone. We’re building editorial calendars that we can maintain, rather than stuff that overwhelms us.
    And again, you’re right. It would be easy enough to get in there and write a post about it, but I can barely keep up and have things that must be done before I can leave on vacation.
    This would be a great thing to talk about on this Thursday’s Ask Us Anything, which we can also post on the site.
    Lastly, I hear you about the teasing, but a lot of things are changing fast, and I don’t want to say anything that I can’t stand behind or take back later. Soon we’ll be able to pull back the curtain and say, “LOOK AT WHAT WE’VE DONE!” Then everyone will be happy. 🙂

    • Anita

      You DO sound like you need a vacation, Sean <3
      We've heard bits and pieces from time to time, and I can easily imagine how much is going on behind the curtains, and I also understand that you don't want to say something that won't happen anyway, especially when you're not in complete control (which is a whole other issue, that we've discussed before – you must be really happy with Rainmaker, to stay on board).
      A short sticky post here in the blog telling a new visitor that your working your magic behind the scenes would be enough to let them know, that there WILL be more to come back for and a bit about the crazy schedule for SPP too, would go a long way.
      I will keep checking back, but if I just found you, I'd probably just subscribe to the podcast on YouTube, and move on. I never visited your various sites on a regular basis before you moved here, although I consumed 100 episodes of SPP on YouTube. This site connected all the threads, and made it easy to follow you and all the stuff you have going on all the time. The longer the site is left to it's own devices on the front end, the more momentum you will lose – especially for new fans.
      I appreciate all your doing, and I can't wait to see what amazing things you're cooking up in the back room 🙂
      Enjoy that vacation with your family, have fun, relax, recharge – and we'll keep our fingers crossed that Rainmaker is stepping up to the plate in the meantime.

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