Voice Training for Audio Books (with David Lawrence): SPP #118

This week the SPP crew had on special guest David Lawrence. They talked about ACX and audio books, especially about how to choose between recording your own audio and hiring someone to narrate your books for you.

The S&S Website Monster

voiceThe guys started out by complaining about how frazzled they feel after fighting to keep Sterling and Stone up and running. In case you haven’t been paying attention (and if not, how are you reading this?), the S&S website has been consistently publishing two posts a day, thanks mostly to Sean himself. (I’ve helped a little, but Sean’s the man on this, hands down.)
SterlingandStone.Net will be the best author website on the web… one day. For now, it’s a whole lot of work because we’re moving so much stuff over to the one destination. The only thing that keeps us going is the vision of how awesome it will be in just a few more months. We can’t wait!

Another Stupid Ad Read

As long as they work, the guys will keep doing them. This week they talked about the show’s sponsor, 99 Designs, in a very apt context: Dave has set up a contest on 99 Designs to create the perfect logo for Sterling & Stone. They’ve gotten so many entries that Dave actually started to complain about it before the show!
But all complaints aside, there have been so many great entries, it’s certain at this point that S&S will soon have a rock-star logo to match the beautiful site.

David Lawrence Steals the Show

We’re accustomed to seeing guests that seem almost out of place because of how professional they look compared to the rest of us, and David Lawrence fit that bill to a T. His refined manner, professional mannerisms—even the way he looked into the camera when speaking—it all gave David a credibility that demanded attention.
And then there was all the great stuff he had to say! Lawrence talked about choosing between making your own audio book and paying someone else to do it. His advice is definitely worth a listen. Sean even got some live tips on how to improve his own fiction-reading podcast, which will hit the digital airwaves right here on S&S real soon.
All-in-all, this show is worth at least a couple of listens, and it’s one you’ll want to come back to when thinking about audio books of your own work.
See the video version here:

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9 Replies to “Voice Training for Audio Books (with David Lawrence): SPP #118”

  1. Anita

    This was such a great show! David Lawrence really was an interesting guest, and it will definitely be one of those I’ll listen to again.
    Perhaps right now, as I’m diving into my hour of personal project time? Yes! 😀

  2. Kate

    I enjoyed the podcast and usually follow these on SPP via RSS feed. Will the podcast move to S&S offer the RSS feed (it’s more practical than email notification)? Thanks.

    • Jacob

      Thank, Kate! We’ll probably eventually move everything over, as well as set up RSS for the podcasts. It’s definitely on a to-do list somewhere.

  3. Jarkko Laine

    This was a great podcast episode!
    As I was listening to the podcast, I kept thinking about my own (limited) experiences in listening to audio books: The ones I’ve enjoyed the most were those read by the author himself (Seth Godin comes to mind as a good example). This is maybe a non-fiction specific thing, but I like to hear the person behind the ideas share them as well. In a way, when someone else reads them, it feels almost “fake”. In fiction, I haven’t noticed the same effect. But I still like to read most of my fiction myself (it’s faster that way).

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