Why Indie Authors Should Attend Live Events (SPP #126)

This week (which was actually last week—welcome to the time warp!), the guys talked at length about their recent live events, namely the Author Marketing Live event and the Worldbuilders’ Summit in Austin.
There are a lot of benefits to meeting live with other authors, whether it’s at an event like the Summit or at a local coffee shop with some friends. Nothing beats the face-to-face communication, the energy and creativity you feel when everyone’s in the same room, bouncing ideas back and forth.
This episode is definitely worth the listen just for all the fun and energy you can feel from the guys coming off the Summit.
Here’s the video version:

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4 Replies to “Why Indie Authors Should Attend Live Events (SPP #126)”

    • Amy Schubert

      I’m so glad my husband made me go 🙂
      I *really* wanted to, but I have SUCH a hard time spending money on myself.
      Now, though, I can’t stop and I’m hoping to go to the Colonists event too

  1. Erik Marshall (emarsh)

    I couldn’t agree more about meeting people in person. There’s something about shaking someone’s hand, looking him/her in the eye and having a conversation that cannot be replicated online. It was good to meet you guys (Sean and Johnny) at AML.

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