WSE18 Dave Embarrasses Himself for Romance Author JA Huss

Julie Huss joins Johnny, Sean, and Dave for an episode where she makes the guys seem clean and polite. Also, get the VERY BEST of Dave’s worst experiences, relived just for JA Huss.

  • Sean went to Macaroni Grill, and it was the worst meal he’s had in a very long time. In fact, he’d prefer freshly grilled dog.
  • It’s time for Virginity Story with JA Huss. The REAL story that she was barred from telling by her friend.
  • Johnny wonders if Julie ever gets ‘shit’ for writing such dirty books. Her response? Not what you’d expect.
  • Julie answers the eternal question: are you afraid of thieves who will break into your car and poison your drink while you’re in a restaurant?
  • Next, the toxic cookies and the bear who might lay them bare. No, really.
  • You knew this one was coming: would Julie carry a decoy wallet?
  • Dave hates everyone.
  • The suspense builds with a killer basketball hoop endangering young children.
  • Once again, the Flesh Light is brought out.
  • Julie’s fight with Goodreads and the risqué title
  • How to get on Julie’s ‘shit list.’
  • Dave reveals how often he says ‘f*cking c*nt’ while driving.
  • Is it okay to text someone ‘Hi’ and nothing else?
  • The RULES for meeting Dave.
  • Dave’s infamous Snoopy drawing. What’s the most offensive thing you can think of?
  • What better way to end the episode than with dragon porn?

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