WSE21 Dave REALLY Wants That Phone

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Today, Dave talks about… RANTS about his experience trying to buy, return, and replace a phone, all for a Target gift card for $50.

  • As do all good stories, this one takes place at Target…
  • It all begins when Sean sends Dave is old iPhone 4s, and Dave realizes he wants something a lot better.
  • There was a gift card involved, for Target, of course.
  • There was also blood involved.
  • Dave has mysterious relationships with Target employees.
  • Dave offends all foreigners and newbie phone shoppers.
  • (Remember, Dave hates everyone equally.)
  • The old ‘bait and switch’ and karmic retribution.
  • The whole AT&T network breaks, and it becomes obvious that the universe hates Dave, too.
  • It keeps getting worse from there, and even the Target employee said he’s never in his career seen anything like this happen to anyone else.

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