WSE26 The Worst Recap of the Best Summit Ever

Today, the guys share the hilarious and terrible things that happened at the Smarter Artist Summit, including the week of restaurants and staying at the Airbnb with Dave and Johnny.

  • Dave had a horribly wonderful week.
  • Johnny shares the first of many stories at the Smarter Artist Summit, and Dave’s lack of humanity about a little girl who got separated from her parents.
  • Dave’s story of death that totally KILLED Johnny’s introduction to another important author.
  • Johnny and Dave stayed together, and Dave had the ‘toothbrush’ test. There was also a big, bloodly spot on the blanket.
  • Johnny talks about the ins and outs of the Airbnb, and the segregation.
  • Sean and Dave talk about the jizz that’s always in hotels, into an awkward transition to eating with Dave.
  • Dave’s VETO power when taking all the speakers to dinner, and the hipster spaghetti.
  • The lack of salt at the table, and the elitist waiter who tried to explain to Dave that the food was so good it didn’t need salt. Think ‘Happy Dave’ has killed the Dave we know and love? Think again…
  • The next restaurant specially created a ‘toddler’ dish for Dave.
  • The final dinner was notable; Dave ordered from the menu and ENJOYED IT. What?
  • Amy appears LIVE on Blab with the guys and shares her own Dave stories.
  • Dave’s take on ‘fancy’ restaurants, menus, and plates.
  • Amy is silently judging Dave on his bread consumption.
  • The guys end with a few positive stories about Dave, hugs, and kidnappings.

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